Friday, March 18, 2005

Puke Party

*warning* - graphic stuff

I went to a "party", which was hosted by some poor guy whose parent had gone out of town. He had a few under-age people over. Arriving late, and not wanting to be there at all, I was very painfully bored and sober...

Then something fantastic happened - a chain reaction of vomit. The girl pictured below is laughing while cleaning up her own puke, which was at least her third regurgitation of the night.

No lie, she'd already puked all over the bathroom, mixed herself another drink, and then puked on the counter, cleaned it up, and then puked on the counter again before I even thought to take this picture. Some other guy got blamed for the puke in the bathroom, got sent in to clean it up, and then puked himself. Everyone there, seeing everyone else puking, suddenly needed to puke... I've never in my life seen so many pukes in one night.

The more I drank, the funnier it got, and the less bored I was.


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