Friday, March 18, 2005


These pictures were taken with my phone, and they're rather old, but I had to unload them eventually.

They were taken at my favorite sushi bar, (good sushi is very hard to come by so far from an ocean. This place actually flies their stock in.) Anyway, it's our tradition on every outing to do a little thing called a "Flaming Saki-Bomb" before we leave. You take a small glass of beer, then lightly suspend a shot of hot saki with a little floated Bacardi-151 on some chopsticks over the glass, light the 151, and then shout, "Kampai!" (a Japanese toast), and then (shouting), count to three in Japanese (ichi, ni, san), and then the bartender slams his fists down on the bar, the shots fall into the drink, extinguishing the flames, and then you race to the bottom.


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