Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Weight Watchers

The comments on these are hilarious.
Weight Watchers recipe cards, circa 1974

found at bifurcated rivets

Retinal Abuse

Product of the Year

Pixel Field

Monday, August 30, 2004



This was just an empty frame hanging over a urinal, with the advertising company's phone number on it. I bet they're just sitting there, waiting by the phone.

The Loop

The Loop



World O Meter

Site uses your computer's clock, so if you are curious how much we will poo in 2050, just change your system time to 2050.
Earth Today

found at One's Web

What Happens If I...?

Sunday, August 29, 2004


This is to test the feature I just set up which allows me to automatically blog photos I send from my phone. You know, in case I get stranded on a deserted island or something.

Last week, my girlfriend and I went out and got a brand new aquarium and a bunch of fish. I've always wanted to learn about this hobby, and hope to eventually be able to keep all kinds of exotic sea creatures alive. Gotta start with cheap, hearty fish though. Don't know what kind this is, but he's orange, so we named him Roughy.

The whole thing was pretty exciting - we got everything set up, named all the fish, cheered loudly, and then went out and had sushi for dinner.


Sex Cells

I snipped this directly from Boing Boing.

"In the UK, Rupert Murdoch's 'The Sun' tabloid -- famous for its topless models on Page 3 -- has decided that merely displaying a couple of boobs to increase circulation is not enough. Now, accompanying the lady proudly displaying her knockers, is a small snippet of right-wing Murdoch-approved propaganda, purporting to be the opinion of the Page 3 Girl."
The Sun, The Girls, The Truth


A google-based image search which returns results in ASCII format. You can then see the original image by clicking "image" in the top left corner. Pretty cool, methinks.
Toogle Image Search

What if the whole world could vote in the U.S. presidential election?

According to this site, right now Kerry has 83% of the popular vote worldwide, and 62% here in the States. Of course, people can lie about where they're from, and vote repeatedly, so this site is in no way accurate.


International collection of tongue-twisters

Used Chewing Gum

Good God. The bidding is up to about $500, with 6 days left in the auction.
eBay item 3836054422 (Ends Sep-04-04 18:04:05 PDT) - BRITNEY SPEARS used chewing gum

Basketball Prodigy

I saw this kid on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" once. I think he was only 3 years old at the time.18 in a row


Wow. I want one.

The Stairway Suite

Various versions of Stairway to Heaven, if they'd been written by...

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Spirograph Simulator

It's cooler if you turn the slow motion off..
Spirograph Simulator

Ad Awards

A new website presenting the finest ads worldwide

Quentin Tarantino's blog?

I'm not sure whether to call bullshit on this or not, but it's interesting, nonetheless.
QT's Diary

Golden arrow

Cool game.

That's a lot of cameras.

Moon Hoax

Take a look at the evidence, which, for over thirty years, NASA and the FBI have tried to suppress. Judge for yourself.

Was the moon landing a hoax?


"By any sex necessary we will defeat Bush in November."
FTheVote.com: Trade Sex for Votes

Pentagon Strike

Warning: This could make you think.

Pentagon Strike

These pictures are odd. Note the timestamp and the incorrect date. Apparently, someone added that bit, because you can see the same pictures, uncropped, and minus the stamps here. Weird.


Outfoxed, Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, is showing this week, locally - I plan to go see it tomorrow or the next day...

Here's the full trailer.

Here's a week's worth of Doonesbury strips, regarding Outfoxed...

Fahrenheit 911 Facts, Sources

This election is one for the history books.

Some young Republicans inspired by thugs in the White House tell how they'll take the Big Apple.
Fuck New York

First post

I'm gonna have a go at blogging again... If I actually get this whole thing set up right, it'll be a helluva lot easier to update than my site...