Friday, January 28, 2005


So about a month ago, a video I've had on my site for over a year, called "B.A.S.E. jumpers!", which I really love, got posted on News Today, and then picked up and posted here, on Metafilter - The combined effect of the two nearly crippled my site, since the video weighs in at 14.1 MB. Fortunately, I discovered it within a few hours, screamed like a girl, and then scrambled to rename it and shuffle it over to a different domain. Just a little sleight of hand - it's still available for viewing, just at a different address, on a secondary site with more available bandwidth.

The point is, since thousands of people were now following a dead link, I figured I'd at least give them an interesting 404 error message, rather than the boring, standard "page not found" message.

So today, I was browsing Metafilter, only to find that my FREAKING 404 HAS BEEN LINKED!!! (here)

It's been hit about 7000 times since yesterday - Luckily, it's less than 1 MB, but still, if this keeps up, I'm gonna hafta put back the boring, standard "page not found" error message.

For now, I'm laughing just a little too hard.

Click the pic to watch the 404

Incidentally, I didn't create the file; I found it at the same place listed in the metafilter post, the 404 Research Lab.


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